ALERT- Carver County Library locations closed beginning March 18, 2020, click here for more information.

Mobile & Wireless Printing

You can send a print job from your phone or computer to a printer at Chanhassen, Chaska, Victoria, or Waconia Library. See below for information on select printing from inside Norwood Young America and Watertown Libraries.

You don't have to be at the library. Printing costs $.15 per page black and white and $.50 per page color. Print jobs stay there for 24 hours, and you can pick up print jobs during our open hours. See below for the kinds of files you can print.

To print email from any device:

Forward the email to one of the printers listed below. You'll get a confirmation email when it's ready.

 To print a document or web page from a phone, tablet, laptop, or computer that can install apps:

  1. Install the PrinterOn app from your app store.
  2. Once the app is open, click on "No Printer Selected."
  3. Search for our printers by  keyword searching for the city name or zip code 
  4. Select CCL Chanhassen Library, Carver County Library System Chaska, CCL Victoria Library, or Carver County Library System Waconia printers in either black and white or color.
  5. Use your email address as the print ID.

 To print a document or web page if your device can't install apps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Where Can I Print?” in the upper right corner
  3. Select United States, Minnesota and then your city and library location.
  4. Use your email address as the print ID.
  5. Upload the file or type the name of the site you wish to print.

Supported File Types

Microsoft Formats

  • Microsoft Word 2000-2019
  • Microsoft Word 2000-2019 for Mac
  • Microsoft Excel 2000-2019
  • Microsoft Excel 2000-2019 for Mac
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2000-2019
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2000-2019 for Mac
  • Microsoft Visio 2000-2019

Apache Open Office Formats

  • Apache OpenOffice/LibreOffice Writer 2.x and later
  • Apache OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc 2.x and later
  • Apache OpenOffice/LibreOffice Impress 2.x and later
  • Apache OpenOffice/LibreOffice Draw 2.x and later

 Graphics and Text Formats

  • PDF
  • Microsoft XPS
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • JPEG
  • HTML
  • GIF
  • TIFF
  • RTF
  • ASCII Text
  • Unicode Text
  • ZIP

 Wireless Printing from Laptops at Norwood Young America and Watertown Libraries

Norwood Young America and Watertown Libraries have wireless printing available inside the library for most Windows and select Mac OS laptops. Not all devices are compatible with the system, including anything running a home edition of OS.  You must be in the library to do use wireless printing. The cost is $.15 per page black and white and $.50 per page color. Directions are below.

  1. Make sure you are connected to our wireless network, CarverCountyWifi.
  2. Find the your library location link below and download the print client.
  3. Click the "Run" button and the security prompts.
  4. After you run the program, you'll see a box pop-up for EnvisionWare LPT: One, this means it's installed.
  5. Click your print button and choose if you want black and white or color printing, then hit print.
  6. Select any name as a login name, you'll need this when you get to the print station.  The cost of the print job will appear.
  7. After you agree to the cost, your print job is sent over to the print station, where you log in and pay for your job.

When you're done printing the software is automatically removed from your computer automatically. You'll need to reinstall it to print again.

Please note that the library is not responsible for losses and/or damage to personal equipment, software, data files, or personal information by the use of the library’s wireless network or by downloading and/or use of the wireless printing client. 

Staff can't provide technical support for wireless printing,  they're not allowed to configure, diagnose or modify a customer’s personal equipment to enable access to the wireless network or disable the filter on customer owned equipment.