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 Tell About Your Favorite Book


Fotolia_25130637_XS[1].jpgHave you read a great book and want to share it with your friends and other kids? You can do it here! We want to read about your favorite book, what you liked, and what the coolest part was. Share your favorites with other kids and read what other kids had to say about their favorites!

Write About Your Favorite Book
All you have to do to write about your favorite book is to click on the blue link below. Read the questions, and write as much as you can about your favorite book.

What’s your favorite book?  Tell About It Here

Read About Your Friends' Favorite Books!
Other kids have written about their favorite books and want to share them with you! The books titles are blue. Click on the blue title to read everything other kids have said about that book.
Touching Spirit Bear - Recommended By: Quinn, Age: 12
Coolest Part:It's thrilling, and Cole has to fight for his life in this amazing spiritual connection book. Cole finds his true inner self, and he finds his peace. Cole has a father, and a mother, who are not there for him, and they are the cause of his anger towards the world. 
Read Because:Well, I recomend this book to people around twelve years old. That being said, I don't think younger kids should pick up this book, because it is very raunchy. But, it's a great book, that I GUARENTEE you will find interesting.
I wasn't a big fan of books ever. My parents and librarians just couldn't get me to read, and I was too busy. Now, I realize because of this book, I t...
The hunger Games (SERIES) - Recommended By: Marie, Age: 11
Coolest Part: EVERYTHING
Read Because:IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!
The wide awake princess - Recommended By: Lisa , Age: 13
Coolest Part:You true love can wake you up.
Read Because:Its fantasy and shows things on what you could do to save your family.
Magic tree house - Recommended By: Juliana, Age: 9
Coolest Part:When the tree house spins
Read Because:It's  very interesting  . It is a adventure
ramonas world - Recommended By: fiona, Age: 9
Coolest Part:?
Read Because:its funny
dogs in the dead of night - Recommended By: conor, Age: 5
Coolest Part:he turns into a dog
Read Because:things stop in time
Percy Jackson and the Olympains (SEIRES) - Recommended By: Tina, Age: 10
Read Because:It has baddles romance comidey it is all you could wish for in a book
SCHOOL OF FEAR - Recommended By: Hannah, Age: 10
Coolest Part:when the teacher fakes her death
Read Because: It has tons of fun and adventure
chet gecko - Recommended By: zaki, Age: 9
Coolest Part:it has a combination of action and mystery
Read Because:it is a classic
Inside out & Back Again - Recommended By: kenz, Age: 12
Coolest Part:READ IT
Read Because:READ IT