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 Raising a Happy Child

Fotolia_14482771_XS_happy_family.jpgRaising a child can be the most rewarding-and often the most challenging- experience! Whether you're raising a teenager or a preschooler, we have the resources for you. These resources have been hand-picked by Librarians and contain useful tips, strategies and ideas for raising happy children.
Kevin Leman
Guides parents on how to best raise their teenage children, claiming that establishing healthy boundaries and maintaining proper communication will allow teenagers to grow confident and respectful.
Ellen Bowers
The toddler years are a wondrous time of exploration and independence. If you're prepared, you can enjoy the toddler years with ease and confidence. Filled with practical advice and sound strategies, this guide give you tips on handling technology and toddlers, a slew of activities to build brainpower, and recipes that will help keep toddlers performing at their best.

Robert Melillo
Finally, a lasting solution to behavior problems-for every child Reconnected Kids is a groundbreaking guide to help parents resolve their child's behavioral problems-without medication, strife, or drama. This empowering method shows parents how to first identify their own role in their child's behavior, and then how to guide the child to focus on goals, practice lifelong good habits, and stay motivated. This insightful and whole-family approach will help parents and kids reach their full potential.
Laura S. Kastner, Jennifer Wyatt
Parenting a teenager is tougher than ever, but new brain research offers new insight into the best way to connect with teens. With humor, wisdom and a deep understanding of the teenaged brain, noted teen expert Dr. Laura Kastner shows parents how to stay calm and cool-headed while dealing with hot-button issues everything from rude attitude and lying to sex and substance use -- with clear, easy-to-follow suggestions for setting limits while maintaining a close and loving relationship.
Judy Arnall
At last, a positive discipline book that is chock-full of practical tips, strategies, skills, and ideas for parents of babies through teenagers, without using any form of punishment or bribery, and it also explains EXACTLY what to do "in the moment" for every type of behavior, from whining to web-surfing.
Rose Rock with Valerie Graham.
The mother of comedian Chris Rock, as well as his nine biological and ten foster siblings, shares the life lessons she has learned as both a mother and a teacher, in a resource for parents that offers strategies for teaching children self-reliance and responsible behavior.

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