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Carver County Library welcomes your comments and contributions to share with our community.   If you have a success story that is a direct result of one of the Carver County Library Programs, please let us know!   Contact our corporate office at (952)361-1797.  You may not only provide feedback to our services, but maybe inspire another individual to succeed in learning!
COMMENTRARY: Famous author connects with local crowd by Kelli Gavin  Chaska Herald April 14, 2016
On April 5, at the Chanhassen Library, a packed room waited for Jacquelyn Mitchard to take the podium.

“Club Book: The Book Club Rewritten” enables our local libraries to pair bestselling and award-winning authors with audiences in all corners of the Twin Cities area. Mitchard was welcomed with applause and quickly fell into a comfortable conversation with the crowded room.
Complete article here

AN OLD FRIEND IS NEW AGAIN  By Betty Liedtke  Chanhassen Villager March 3, 2016

I felt like a kid in a candy store – mouth watering as I scanned all the choices, knowing I could select anything I saw on the shelves in front of me. In reality, I could choose just one item. But it could be anything I wanted, and it was absolutely free.

I wasn’t actually in a candy store. In fact, it wasn’t a store at all. It was the Chanhassen Library.

I don’t go to the library nearly as often as I used to. Growing up, I was at the library every two weeks, which was the length of time a book could be checked out. Every other Saturday my mom, sisters, and I would walk the five or six blocks to the public library, then walk back home with our new selections. When my own kids were small, we’d go to the library often – not only to check out books, but to take part in Story Time and other activities.
Hooked on Books returns Feb. 27 at Chanhassen High from the Chanhassen Villager, posted Feb. 16, 2016
column by Kathy Perschmann
Hooked on Books will be from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Feb. 27, at Chanhassen High School.
New York native Paulette Bogan is this year’s keynote author/illustrator.
Big Year for the Friends of the Victoria Library  Thursday, Dec. 17, Chanhassen Villager and Chaska Herald
by Linda McNulty  This has been a big first year for the Friends of the Victoria Library. For exactly the past year, this group of Victoria community leaders has worked to create a solid organizational structure under the leadership of President Chelsy Shoger. The first year has seen a charter membership of 50 Victoria residents, with a hoped for increase to 80 members in the coming year.  Complete article with photo
Library patrons gear up for "The Force Awakens" by Dick Crawford  Chanhassen Villager Dec. 17, 2015 Complete article and photo here​

Librarian art on exhibit in December by Kathy Perschmann  Chanhassen Villager Dec. 8, 2015 

In December we will be featuring artwork created by some of our talented Carver County Library staff, from several different branches. The artists include Maren Wilbur, Linda Prybylo, Marla Westfield, Helen Manion and Diane Beuch and their works include paintings, photographs, fabric art, drawings, and computer art. ​Complete article here with events, reviews and photo.​

Victoria has a big season of celebrations ahead    by Linda McNulty Chanhassen Villager  March 19, 2015
Good things are coming together for Victoria in 2015.
The end of winter is almost here. The sun is shining. The city’s 100-year centennial celebration is being planned. Our new library opened this past week. Victoria’s Market will open soon. We are proud to have a new city hall and public works building. More parking in downtown will happen sometime this summer. Another Elvis night is planned for one of several car shows this summer. Concerts in the park are scheduled. We are looking forward to the Lions Club Softball Tournament. Maybe we will have a new bandstand at the new Bayfront Park downtown.
Did I mention that spring is in the air?
Joie de vivre
Joie de vivre and élan are not normally part of my vocabulary, but they are words that came to mind on Saturday at the grand opening of the new Victoria Library. More than 1,000 adults and children attended the opening. Kids filled up the children’s section. Adults were using the computers and checking out books.  Complete article with images

Victoria Library: Carver County's newest library is big on innovation, technology      posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2015 2:21 pm    By Unsie Zuege
It’s the library of tomorrow, today.

While it still has books, it’s also outfitted to meet today’s library users’ needs. That means plenty of e-books for patrons to download to their Kindles, Nooks, tablets, and smart phones; plenty of computers, a scanner, and library tables with sleek electrical outlets for library users’ own laptops, tablets, and other electronics.

The new Victoria Library, at 1670 Stieger Lake Lane, is ready for its grand opening this Saturday, March 7. Earlier in the week, librarians and staff were readying the library for its opening, tweaking final details.  Complete article with photos​

Anticipation builds for Victoria's new city hall and library
Posted: Thursday, December 4, 2014 11:30 am

The city of Victoria will finally upgrade its offices when staff moves into its new home at 1680 Stieger Lake Lane in mid-January. Its current city hall at 7951 Rose Street had outlived its life span despite a series of remodeling and upgrading fixes, and mold/mildew mitigation efforts. Earlier this year, the city sealed off a portion of its office with plastic sheeting due to petroleum fumes.
The new city hall and library is two stories. According to Mayor Tom O’Connor who did a recent tour of the construction site, “It’s starting to look like a real building,” he reported at the council’s Nov. 24 meeting.
The city’s new Public Works building is nearly complete. Public Works Director Ann Mahnke reported to the council that the building will be operational within the next two weeks, after general building inspections take place. Complete article with images.
Once upon a time- New Director at the Carver County Libraries!
Posted: Thursday, September 4, 2014    Chanhassen Villager By Unsie Zuege  
Once upon a time, a young girl named Heidi Hoks was so shy she didn’t speak. But then a fairy godmother cast her in a school play, and she finally came out of her shell.
“For the first time, I could speak (in public) because I was speaking someone else’s words, but in my own voice,” Hoks explained. “Playing someone else was easier. And once I could speak other people’s words …,” Hoks shrugged and smiled. “I liked musicals and liked to sing as well. People tell me I can be very dramatic, but that is my normal speaking pattern.”
But those qualities have served her well as a competitive storyteller, which combines her love of theater and literature. While she hasn’t been as active as she once was in the Twin Cities storytelling and spoken word contests, Hoks likes to incorporate her storytelling skills as a librarian and manager whenever she can.
Hoks was recently named Carver County’s library director after a statewide search. Hoks assumed her new job on Aug. 18.
Complete article with photo.