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Fotolia_8758757_XS.jpgThe library isn't just about books.  We own CDs of classical instrumental and vocal works, pop and rock, country, hip-hop, jazz, blues, from "golden oldies" to the latest music award winning artists. 

Finding your favorite music is as easy as typing an artist, song or CD title, or keyword into our catalog's search box. 

We are always adding to our music collection.  See our latests additions here: New Music CDs

If you want to explore our collection with the help of a librarian, call or visit us during open hours or contact us online.

Click here to request a CD purchase for our collection.

Explore these music review sites

  • AllMusic Guide
    News and reviews covering the musical spectrum
  • Billboard
    Find charts of current and previous bestselling titles, along with news and reviews, in this companion site to Billboard magazine


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