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 Homebound Services


The Carver County Public Library has free delivery of materials to Fotolia_378303_XS.jpgpersons who are physically unable to visit the library, including the elderly, the disabled, and those who are temporarily incapacitated by illness or accident.  We deliver books to retirement housing, senior centers, and private residences.  You may request books or have a library volunteer or librarian select them according to your interests.  A home delivery is then scheduled.  

Please call Tari Clay at 952-227-7609 or email

Homebound brochure

Download an application for homebound services


Do I need to be a Carver County resident to receive homebound services?
Yes. Due to limited resources, we cannot offer our services to non-resident card-holders.

What can I borrow?
We can deliver books, music, movies, magazines, and audio books right to your home.

How do I know I will get materials I enjoy?
Before bringing materials to your home a member of the library staff will call to schedule a home or phone interview. At our first meeting, we will discuss areas of interest which will help us better understand what types of materials you prefer.

How long may I borrow the items you bring me?
The lending period for Carver County Library items through the homebound program is flexible.  Please note that materials borrowed from other libraries through interlibrary loan do not have a flexible borrowing period.  Please speak with a library staff member about renewing materials.

Is there any charge associated with homebound service?
No.  Our service is free.  Also, since we schedule pickup of materials, you cannot accrue overdue charges.  You are responsible, however, for any loss or damages to library materials you borrow.

How do I sign up?
If you or somebody you know is interested in receiving homebound service, you may:


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