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Fotolia_13721340_XS.jpgBEST BOOKS OF 2009-2011

  • Historical Novel Society
    Reviews of new historical novels of merit and lists of forthcoming historical fiction.
  • Historical Mystery Fiction 
    Website for "histy misty" lovers
  • Arts and Letters Daily
    A service of the Chronicle of Higher Education, with links to literature news and reviews
  • Fantastic Fiction
    Though this site is based in Great Britain, readers of science fiction and fantasy will find it very useful especially in finding titles in series order. Offers an easy to use author list.
  • Stop, You're Killing Me
    A must-see for all mystery, thriller, and suspense buffs. Offers a list of over 2,000 authors with complete chronological book listings. See also the forthcoming titles list and the character list by both name and occupation.
  • Mystery Readers International
    MRI claims to be the largest mystery fan/reader organization in the world, is open to all readers, fans, critics, editors, publishers, and writers.
  • Romance Reviews Today
    Romance reviews and series titles are offered here plus a good group of links to other sites.
  • Locus Online
    A product from Locus Magazine for readers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. There is an excellent links portal and an archives section. 
  • Reading Group Guides
    This site uses an excellent search tool to lead the user to materials for book discussions. Recommendations and links to other sites are especially useful and well done. 
  • Reading Group Choices
    All kinds of information useful to book clubs can be found here. The recommendations page showcases suggested titles by type. 
  • All About Romance and Romance Writers of America
    Two websites for romance lovers. They contain (among other things) reviews, commentaries, lists, awards, and a message board. 
  • Overbooked
    A website specializing in literary and genre fiction information, reviews, reading lists, and Reader's Advisory.
  • The Bloodstained Bookshelf
    The Bloodstained Bookshelf is a (more-or-less) monthly list of recent and forthcoming print mysteries published in the US.



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